How Aelf Blockchain Works

This article explains the Aelf blockchain project, its use case, how it works and how it is governed. The ELF token is the native token of Aelf blockchain. Aelf’s Objective Aelf is a blockchain project that claims to solve the problems of the current major blockchains. One big problem with today’s blockchains is that they … Read more

What Is The Valuation Of Stack Overflow?

Homepage of Stack Overflow

Have you ever wondered how much stack overflow is worth? I have been wondering that as well. Hence, I wrote this article detailing the research I have done. Stack Overflow is one of the largest developer communities in the world. It is owned by a private company named Stack Exchange, Inc. which was founded by … Read more

Why User Experience Is Important For SEO

SEO and UX with love sign

This is 2020 and we are entering the decade of machine learning and “artificial intelligence”. Today’s search engines have brains of their own. A brain that learns from mistakes, recognizes patterns of abuse, checks websites for visibility issues and tries to figure out whether the websites ranked at the top are relevant to search queries. … Read more

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