Why US Response To The Coronavirus Wasn’t Adequate

First of all, I would like to mention that this article explains the faults of the Trump Administration as a whole and is not criticism of Donald Trump’s individual decisions.

The first coronavirus case in the US was confirmed by American health authorities on 20th January. The administration could have taken serious measures then, to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. Instead, they relied on fake CCP (Chinese Communist Party) data to shape America’s response. Other countries that mimicked the US response were also affected.

Some mathematical models of the spread of COVID-19 were made based on Chinese fake data. This made health officials feel that the impact of the virus wouldn’t be as bad as it is now. Trump himself, repeatedly downplayed the affects and once claimed April’s heat will make it “miraculously” go away.

“A lot of people think that [coronavirus] goes away in April, with the heat that comes in” – Donald Trump

My question is, what was the US intelligence community doing? The US government spends over 80 billion dollars on gathering intelligence. I am highly confident they did have statistical data or information about the CCP cover up.

And it is reasonable to believe that most / all Trump admin officials were briefed about the data US intelligence collected. I am making this assumption because chairman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr knew about the virus.

He is now under investigation by the US Department of Justice for selling stocks before the sharp market downturn triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., reassured the public about coronavirus preparedness and then soon dumped stocks. – Propublica

Now that the situation has worsened, Republicans and Trump Admin officials are trying to divert some of the attention to China’s cover up. The overwhelming focus on China is trying to set aside the mistakes they made earlier.

Trump’s election campaign has decided the best policy at the moment would be to attack Biden, put more focus on Biden’s China links and try to reduce focus on Trump’s own handling of the COVID-19 situation. To be honest, I actually agree that this is the best policy for Trump at the moment.

However, the zealous marketing of anti CCP sentiment won’t fool intelligent minds. People are not stupid and people generally put more effort to access accurate information when their own livelihood is involved.

Reports suggest there were conflicting views among Trump Admin officials in charge of the situation. It is highly likely that the intelligence and healthcare officials were in support of proper measures but financial advisers disagreed.

For example, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro publicly said Americans had “nothing to worry about” the coronavirus. Financial advisers knew that if the country was then shut down, they and their allies would lose money.

It was natural for them to resist but Trump made the wrong decision by following them. He prioritized the economy but now the situation is worse. This will likely cost him the 2020 presidential election. Opinion poll by Pew Research Center shows that 65% of Americans believe Trump’s response was Too Slow.

And this “Too Slow” response may have resulted in the deaths of many people.